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The AITO Test of Time Award

In 2016, AITO established an annual Test of Time Award to recognize a research contribution that had a lasting impact on the field. The award is given by AITO at the ECOOP conference to the authors of an ECOOP paper published 20 years earlier.

The award will be given by a three person committee composed of

Recipients of the Award

2016, Rome
Eliminating Virtual Function Calls in C++ Programs. Gerald Aigner, Urs Hölzle. ECOOP 1996.
2017, Barcelona
Aspect-oriented programming. Gregor Kiczales, John Lamping, Anurag Mendhekar, Chris Maeda, Cristina Lopes, Jean-Marc Loingtier, John Irwin. ECOOP 1997.
2018, Amsterdam
Flexible Alias Protection. James Noble, Jan Vitek, John Potter. ECOOP 1998.
2019, London
Unifying Genericity - Combining the Benefits of Virtual Types and Parameterized Classes. Kresten Krab Thorup, Mads Torgersen. ECOOP 1999