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General Help[edit]

Access Control[edit]

This wiki has an extension for access control installed. Each page that shall be protected should start with


where SomeGroup must be an existing group in the Groups namespace. Currently the following groups exist:

  • AitoExec - the AITO Executive Board
  • AitoMembers - all AITO Members
  • EcoopOrga -- organizers of the current and next ECOOP conferences
  • Bidders -- bidders of next ECOOP conferences

Only registered users can be members of any of these groups. If you can't access one of these groups but feel you should be allowed to, please contact Davide Ancona.

All new pages will be listed under "Recent changes" with the first lines of their content. Therefore, in order to avoid leaking confidential information please always create protected pages with the above accesscontrol and no further content; add real content only afte the page has been successfully created. Thanks.


Action Items[edit]

For action items in minutes etc. these templates are useful: