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Starting in 2008 the ECOOP program committee has selected the Best Papers from the accepted technical papers. This page lists the winning papers.

Yannis Smaragdakis and George Kastrinis

Defensive Points-To Analysis: Effective Soundness via Laziness.

ECOOP 2017

Jan-Oliver Kaiser, Hoang-Hai Dang,Derek Dreyer, Ori Lahav, and Viktor Vafeiadis
Strong Logic for Weak Memory:Reasoning About Release-Acquire Consistency in Iris.

ECOOP 2016

J. Gil and T. Levy
Formal Language Recognition with the Java Type Checker.
Y. Li, T. Tan, Y. Zhang, and J. Xue
Program Tailoring: Slicing by Sequential Criteria.
J. Swalens, J. De Koster, and W. De Meuter
Transactional Tasks: Parallelism in Software Transactions.

ECOOP 2015

A. Takikawa, D. Feltey, E. Dean, R. Findler, M. Flatt, S. Tobin-Hochstadt, and M. Felleisen
Towards Practical Gradual Typing.

ECOOP 2014

Cyrus Omar, Darya Kurilova, Ligia Nistor, Benjamin Chung, Alex Potanin and Jonathan Aldrich
Safely Composable Type-Specific Languages.
Mandana Vaziri, Olivier Tardieu, Rodric Rabbah, Philippe Suter and Martin Hirzel
Stream Processing with a Spreadsheet.

ECOOP 2013

Cormac Flanagan and Stephen N. Freund
RedCard: Redundant Check Elimination for Dynamic Race Detectors.

ECOOP 2012

William Cook and Bruno Olivera
Extensibility for the Masses: Practical Extensibility with Object Algebras.

ECOOP 2011

Werner Dietl, Michael D. Ernst and Peter Müller
Tunable Static Inference for Generic Universe Types.

ECOOP 2010

Gilad Bracha, Peter Ahe, Vassili Bykov, Yaron Kashai, William Maddox and Eliot Miranda
Modules as Objects in Newspeak

ECOOP 2009

Davide Ancona and Giovanni Lagorio
Coinductive Type Systems for Object-Oriented Languages
Einar W. Høst and Bjarte M. Østvold
Debugging Method Names

ECOOP 2008

Anindya Banerjee, David A. Naumann and Stan Rosenberg
Regional Logic for Local Reasoning about Global Invariants
Adrian Lienhard, Tudor Gîrba and Oscar Nierstrasz
Practical Object-Oriented Back-in-Time Debugging