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Starting in 2008 the ECOOP program committee has selected the Best/AITO Distinguished Papers from the accepted technical papers. This page lists the winning papers.

ECOOP 2019[edit]

Yossi Gil and Ori Roth

Fling—A Fluent API Generator (AITO Distinguished Paper Award).

ECOOP 2018[edit]

Yannis Smaragdakis and George Kastrinis

Defensive Points-To Analysis: Effective Soundness via Laziness (AITO Distinguished Paper Award).

ECOOP 2017[edit]

Jan-Oliver Kaiser, Hoang-Hai Dang,Derek Dreyer, Ori Lahav, and Viktor Vafeiadis
Strong Logic for Weak Memory:Reasoning About Release-Acquire Consistency in Iris.

ECOOP 2016[edit]

J. Gil and T. Levy
Formal Language Recognition with the Java Type Checker.
Y. Li, T. Tan, Y. Zhang, and J. Xue
Program Tailoring: Slicing by Sequential Criteria.
J. Swalens, J. De Koster, and W. De Meuter
Transactional Tasks: Parallelism in Software Transactions.

ECOOP 2015[edit]

A. Takikawa, D. Feltey, E. Dean, R. Findler, M. Flatt, S. Tobin-Hochstadt, and M. Felleisen
Towards Practical Gradual Typing.

ECOOP 2014[edit]

Cyrus Omar, Darya Kurilova, Ligia Nistor, Benjamin Chung, Alex Potanin and Jonathan Aldrich
Safely Composable Type-Specific Languages.
Mandana Vaziri, Olivier Tardieu, Rodric Rabbah, Philippe Suter and Martin Hirzel
Stream Processing with a Spreadsheet.

ECOOP 2013[edit]

Cormac Flanagan and Stephen N. Freund
RedCard: Redundant Check Elimination for Dynamic Race Detectors.

ECOOP 2012[edit]

William Cook and Bruno Olivera
Extensibility for the Masses: Practical Extensibility with Object Algebras.

ECOOP 2011[edit]

Werner Dietl, Michael D. Ernst and Peter Müller
Tunable Static Inference for Generic Universe Types.

ECOOP 2010[edit]

Gilad Bracha, Peter Ahe, Vassili Bykov, Yaron Kashai, William Maddox and Eliot Miranda
Modules as Objects in Newspeak

ECOOP 2009[edit]

Davide Ancona and Giovanni Lagorio
Coinductive Type Systems for Object-Oriented Languages
Einar W. Høst and Bjarte M. Østvold
Debugging Method Names

ECOOP 2008[edit]

Anindya Banerjee, David A. Naumann and Stan Rosenberg
Regional Logic for Local Reasoning about Global Invariants
Adrian Lienhard, Tudor Gîrba and Oscar Nierstrasz
Practical Object-Oriented Back-in-Time Debugging