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January 9, 2019, 5-6pm CET


  • Davide Ancona
  • Annabel Satin
  • Walter Olthoff
  • Eric Jul
  • Sophia

DN prize

Sophia: The DN awards committee makes the following recommendations

Senior: Laurie Hendren and as runner-up Jens Palsberg

Junior: Ilya Sergey and as runner-up Tiark Rompf

Citations and reflections from the committee

Report from Sophia: ten applications received, few nominations for Junior prize

Some reflections follow concerning evaluation criteria and the overall process:

  • what does it means 'regular service on the OOP community', purely OOP research no longer exists
  • would it be possible to get electronic support for recommendation letters with EasyChair
  • contacting the previous winners could be a proactive way to solicit nominations

All attending execs are in favor of the committee's recommendation

Ok green.gif Action: Final decision cabout 2019 DN prizes




Ask Heather and Tobias


Both are in favor

Supplementing Exec

A new member has to be elected after Jan's resignation

TODO.gif Action: Supplementing Exec




Inform AITO members and ask for nominations

ECOOP 2017 financial statement

W.O.: The documents will be ready for the next meeting

ECOOP 2018

W.O.: The work is in progress, Annabel is at POPL, we will start working afterward

ECOOP 2019

Committee of the ECOOP 1999-2019 Test of Time Award

Heather is willing to chair, with the support of Eric

Invitations to serve on the committee have to be sent

- ECOOP 1999 PC: Eric can contact Jorgen Lindskov
- ECOOP 2019 PC: still to be selected between Alex Potanin, Tim Harris, Tijs van der Storm, Matthias Hauswirth

TODO.gif Action: ToT committee




Invite Jorgen Lindskov

TODO.gif Action: ToT committee


All execs


Select one between Alex Potanin, Tim Harris, Tijs van der Storm, Matthias Hauswirth

ECOOP 2020

Davide: We should decide the PC chair for ECOOP 2020 at the next meeting.

See proposals here

TODO.gif Action: ECOOP 2020 PC chair


All execs


add your preferences and motivations in this page


Happy New Year to everybody

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